For this summer 2013, anything can happen; women need to reinvent their selves every day, for that reasons our proposal for this year is to take clothes from romanticisms to seduction.

In this rainbow of possibilities we see a woman represented by an explosion of femininity and sensuality. Our walk begins in black as principal colour in sophisticated swimsuits decorated with vintage graphic stamps that will bring you to a time of classic movies actresses.Mint, coral, and fuchsia neon are the tonalities of our colorful clothing, perfect for brave woman with attitude.Our proposal is based on Details overexposed in small pieces that give volume to the clothing, that represent our colorful and fresh style, is important to play with colors that reinforce the degrade effect.

For more dreamer and romantic woman who love looking feminine we have the pastels colors. The passion and energy of the red together with Golden details, give vitality and elegance to a color we didn’t risk to use. Purples and greens, give spice to the collection, together with tribal stamps, that evoke exotic places, perfect for woman with wild spirit, sensuality and confidence.

Photography: Mano Martinez
Model:Camille Gross
Make up & Hair: Vanessa Villela
Stylist: Juanita Concha & Laia Gomez
Video:Ricardo Maio
Place: Cellers Augustus Forum, El Vendrell Tarragona